Arrival Camp

After we were given a little more time to relax, on September 6th the journey went on for all of us ICYE Bolivia (the Bolivian partner organisation of my German organisation ICJA) volunteers, on to our next destination Coroico in the Bolivian Yungas. Because Coroico is located at „only“ 1700m altitude, the landscape changed enormously during our 3 hour lasting drive. After the brown, bare and densely populated rock wall setting of La Paz, we were soon sourrounded by lots and lots of green wilderness.

Umgehungsstrasse AnreiseDuring the first two ours we were driving on a new, paved and, above all, two-lane road, but, due to road constructions, it meant “camino de la muerte!“ (deathroad) for the last hour to go. For all of you that haven´t heard oft that road yet: It´s a largely single-lane road without guard rails that cliffs of up to 600 metres (1,830 feet)… Therefore there was lots of loud screaming whenever another car would drive towards us/ the opposite direction. Only I managed to fall asleep, as I was still super exhausted, because of to the long arrival and all oft he new impressions.

camino de la muerte

Anyway, we survived the camino de la muerte and arrrived safely at our camp.  There we spent 5 wonderful days. We were an awesome group- tha majority volunteers from Germany, but also some from Switzerland, Sweden, Japan etc. and our Bolivian teamers and Spanish teachers, of course. Every day we had Spanish lessons, learned more about Bolivia, presented our home countries to eachother. We also made a field trip to a little waterfall, were fed tons of food (!!!) and so on… In every way: I had a lot of fun!

Camp Wasserfall Pflanzen Pool

Even when I spent two days sick in bed, – yes, my stomach, as well, didn´t like  the giant amount of new food and the extreme altitude differences too much- I always had great company and was comforted by everyone… and by „great company“ I do not mean the bathroom! 😀


On September 10th we drove back to La Paz (this time not along the camino de la muerte though, the road constructions seemed to be finished) and on September 12th all of the „non-La Paz-volunteers“ went on to Cochabamba, Santa Cruz or Sucre. So now we´re a group of 9 ICYE volunteers left here in La Paz.



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