Last Sunday, September 15th, my hostfamily and I went to Coacabana, to the Titicaca Lake. And once more I got to see a completely new, and different bolivian landscape. That´s a fact I find to be extremely fascinating about Bolivia: the diversity of landscapes!

Titicacasee Irma y yo Tiquina Tiquina

Amongst other things, we walked a „way oft he Cross“ up to the highest point of Copacabana. When ever one passed by a cross, one had to lay down a stone by its side for „sins“ in ones life. Half the way up tot he top we also were forcasted our future by an old „witchman“. At first we had to circle up around some kind of stone table, then the man produced lots of smoke by pouring some kind of powder on glowing cole, mumbled some words and the Ave Maria and we had to kiss a cross. But the actual forecast for our future, the man made by- attention, attention- partly drinking, patly spilling beer! Well, I guess we´ll see… but, among other things, he told me, that I´d experience a wonderful time here in Bolivia and this I really hope will come true! But that´s what I can say so far: Untill now, I´m feeling very good!

KreuzwegCopacabana Gastfamilie Copacabana iglesiaKreuzwegKreuzweg"Hexenmann"KreuzwegDSC_0961 Copacabana Copacabana DSC_0938 - Kopie Cobacabana Cobacabana TiticacaseeTiticacasee


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