I am alive

I´m alive! After I´ve already spent more than 2 weeks here in Bolivia and, in comparison to Germany, have had very few internet access, I´m now getting in touch with the digital world again. Meanwhile we got wifii- beeing just one oft he things that became a matter of course to me in Germany, but definitley are not everywhere in the world, as I learn here.

So where to begin? Probably at the very beginning…

On September 3rd it meant „!Hasta luego, Alemania y vamos a Bolivia!“ to me. And after a farewell full of tears and a more than 24 hour lasting flight with stops in London and Miami I arrived, together with all oft he other German volunteers, in Boivia in the early morning hours of September 4th.

The airport of La Paz is located at 4100m altitude, what we sensed immediately: The thin air didn´t make breathing very easy. With our luggage, we didn´t have an „easy“ time either. Almost half of us volunteers were missing it (luckily, I wasn´t one of them). But after we´d been assured that it should be with us within the next days, our journey finally went on. In a minibus we were taken to our hostfamilies.

While the sun rose slowly, our rattly minibus cleaved out ist way through the steeply sloping streets of La Paz. The setting was simply breathtaking! Because La Paz appears to be some kind of „giant bowl“, one had a unique view over the city during the whole drive! Innoumerable houses were arranged site by site along the bare rock walls- one barely sees any trees in La Paz which is on average located at 3600m altitude. And while we were driving like that, life began in the streets. One especially saw lots of traditionally dressed „Cholitas“-colorful skirts, long braids, hats- that carried giant striped fabrics,  loaded with pretty much everything up to their children, on their backs.

After a time that to me felt like forever, I finally arrived at the house of my host family. Here I was warmly welcomed by my hostmother, -brother and –grandma. And after they had shown me arrround, we´d had something to eat and a little talk, I finally and completley exhausted sank onto my bed. I had made it! I was in Bolivia!

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