sick, sick, sick

After I felt better for a couple of days, I´m now again sick and bedridden since four days already. In the beginning in combination with fever and some sort of chills, by now I suffer „no more“ than heavy diarrhea and stomach cramps.

This time I actually went to see a doctor that at first loaded me with lots of medicine, just to tell me those test results one day ago: “You´re not sick. Just take some Paracetamol against the pain!“

Well , what does that tell me? When I think of how many times I had to run tot he bathroom within the past hours, I feel that the assumption that I could be sick, definitely is legitimate and also I do not believe that Paracetamol will free me from my diarrhea. But okay, I guess I just have to go back to taking my coal tablets I brought from Germany. Those did help quite well the last time, too.

I only hope this won´t turn into some „weekly tradition“ because I most definitely do not need those kind of reunions!


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